Since 2000, Chris Stevens has spoken to tens of thousands of juniors and seniors during over 100 Every 15 Minutes (E-15) events about the real life impacts of drinking and driving. As an E-15 Motivational Speaker, Chris combines the experience of 23 years of law enforcement (including work as a Deputy Coroner) with his personal story of losing his father, brother and uncle to three different traffic collisions involving alcohol abuse to weave an unforgettable narrative that touches the heart of everyone who hears it.

On April 1, 2009, Chris was honored as a “Law Enforcement Hero” by the San Joaquin County Chapter of the American Red Cross for his contributions to public safety through his work with high school students in E-15.

It is no exaggeration to say that Chris has almost certainly been directly involved in more Every 15 Minutes events than any other individual in the program’s history.

Unlike many motivational speakers who show up, speak during an assembly and walk away, Chris remains with the students and stays involved throughout the entire E-15 experience. He typically spends sixteen hours with the students on crash day (day one) and another four to six hours with them on assembly day (day two).

He is available to:

Provide consultation and coaching for the school E-15 Coordinator.
Attend and speak at staff or parent/student meeting(s) at the launch of the program.
Attend the final logistics meeting prior to crash assembly day.

(Day One)
Coach the “living dead” students in preparation for the crash assembly.
Narrate the crash assembly (if requested).
Conduct an after crash debrief and team building session with the “living dead”.
Provide continuity of experience for student participants throughout the afternoon.
Emcee afternoon events (usually including a time of interaction between student participants and public safety personnel).
Assist in setup and execution of the mock trial.
Conduct team building exercises and other group activities through the evening.
Coordinate evening activities with other presenters.
Present a one hour slide show/motivational speaking lecture that synthesizes the events of the day, Chris’s professional experiences as a Deputy Sheriff/Coroner, and his personal experiences of loss due to drinking and driving.
Conduct the grant mandated “Visualization” and facilitate the letter writing process.
Facilitate a candlelight vigil to bring the evening to a close.

(Day Two)
Assist in the preparation for the assembly.
Coach the “living dead” in preparation for their participation in the assembly.
Perform as a Motivational Speaker, either solo or as part of an ensemble presentation.
Appear at the student/parent reception following the assembly.
Participate in an event debriefing if requested in advance.

Chris is also available to emcee the assembly or offer any other assistance necessary to make the assembly a success. Such details would need to be discussed and agreed to prior to the date of the event.

Every 15 Minutes coordinators keep inviting Chris back as a motivational speaker because he does not speak “to” the students…he accompanies them throughout their experience, befriends them and speaks with them in a manner that connects with their hearts and relates to them where they are.