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High School (9th-12th)

Our high school programs are designed to guide students toward a successful launch into adult life through in-depth study and hands-on experience. 

All programs and workshops include structured discussions, projects, presentations, and hands-on learning opportunities. They come with a supply box for students to use during (and between) sessions that includes books, required supplies, and experiential learning items!

ELA for the Intrepid Reader ($24/session)

Explore classic and modern literature while developing logical analysis, research, and both short and long-form writing skills in this standards-aligned virtual instruction program. Groups meet virtually twice a week for discussion and lecture, and students work asynchronously to continue their learning independently.


Novel Studies ($48/session)

This standards-aligned virtual instruction program is designed to support students through high-interest literature discussions. Each novel is within a targeted instructional range to allow students maximum learning opportunities. Students will explore each novel while practicing their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Assessments will be embedded throughout the instruction allowing the students a comfortable space to practice and build individual strategies that they can use as scaffolding for of their educational endeavors.

Novel Studies meets virtually once a week for an hour and a half. Because seats in Novel Studies are limited, we do ask that students either complete an assessment or enroll with the full recommendation of their CT/ES.


High School Math ($24/session)

These virtual small group math courses cover Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. Students meet twice a week with their instructor, but continue their learning with asynchronous support outside of sessions.


Spanish ($24/session)

Developed by a native Californian who has taught both in California and Spain, our Spanish program is designed with an emphasis on learning through relationship and conversational speaking. 

Spanish small groups meet twice a week, beginning in October, and are aligned with CA state standards.


One-on-One Core Subject Tutoring ($53/hour)

One-on-one tutoring is designed to provide support for students who already have curricula, but need a little support from someone other than mom or dad. Tutoring sessions have a minimum length of an hour, but we do allow siblings to split an hour, if that is appropriate for your family!


One-on-One Language Tutoring ($80/hour)

One-on-one language tutoring is designed for students at any level who need extra assistance, or just need to be able to practice their speaking, enunciation, and conversation skills in a safe, non-judgmental zone!

Mountain Path

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