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Welcome to Summit Solutions

We are real people, working on real solutions, for real problems. We leave the quick and simple answers to those who deal with easy, simple challenges. If you and your team want to build a solid organization that will overcome obstacles and stand the tests of time, you will want to work with Summit, and we want to work with you. We know your organization has to exist in a real world with real challenges. You can’t afford to invest your time or budget in unproven theories spouted by unproven theoreticians.
At Summit, we spend a lot of time making sure we have our feet firmly planted in reality, but we keep our eyes on the peak. We know there are many ways to get out of the valley and move towards the mountaintop. We also know the best ways are rooted in good planning, good training and good policy, with good people working together to make it all happen.


Violence does not "just occur". Violent acts follow a long-developing, identifiable trail of problems, conflicts, disputes, and failures. Summit provides a variety of training and supports, ranging from mitigation and response trainings for workplace violence, to certified MOAB instruction and behavioral threat assessment and management by ATAP certified personnel.


Summit offers a variety of organizational consulting. We assist businesses and departments with leadership development and team building through long term strategic planning, retreat facilitation, and workshops.​​


Summit offers educational services from assembly presentations and single-day workshops to long term enrichment opportunities and support. Funny, interesting, and down to earth, our speakers bring a broad range of international experience to each presentation, addressing issues ranging from business logistics to self-worth and personal goal setting.

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