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Organizational Development


Workplace Consulting Services

Many businesses do not have the luxury of access to full-time Human Resources staff or other experts who can provide advice regarding matters such as policy development, workplace violence, proper language and procedure for employee evaluations and disciplinary notices or a number of other business issues. Summit provides a variety of on-site consultancy services when you need them.

The on-site consultation may be in the form of: 

  • Informational meetings where you set the agenda and we do the research

  • Policy review or policy planning sessions

  • Facilitation of brainstorming or mind mapping exercises for corporate problem-solving

  • Facilitation of strategic planning sessions

  • Assistance with the hiring of new employees via review of job descriptions, interview questions, etc.

  • Training presentations to your staff covering your choice of various leadership, supervisory, management, communication, or customer service topics

  • Team coaching sessions that review and encourage practical application of principles covered in previous training or workshops


The time is yours: you choose what services will best meet your needs.  


Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning should form the foundation of every decision made in the operation of your business.  Proper Strategic Planning is not confined to the executive’s offices but should be on the mind of every manager and supervisor as they go about their daily business.


Summit will work with your team to establish a clear understanding of:

  • Clarifying vision and mission

  • Translating the grand vision into long-range, intermediate, and short-term goals

  • Articulating expectations for everyday behaviors that will translate into the fulfillment of the goals

  • Building a corporate culture of accountability that will ensure small and intermediate successes will be achieved, celebrated, and built upon to further the ultimate strategic goals as defined by the team at the beginning of the expedition


Whatever your organization’s need, Summit offers a broad range of strategic planning services, ranging from one-and-a-half-day workshops to long-term change management assistance from conception through completion.

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